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Navigating the Microsoft ISV Landscape is Easier with Friends 🙂 SM

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Welcome to
ISV Connect ED

ISV Connect ED is a members-only site dedicated to ISVs participating in Microsoft Marketplace or AppSource. This site is intended to be a safe place and an educational resource for ISVs to navigate and succeed with Microsoft.

ISV Sounding Board

Good Ideas are plentiful, Great Ideas are rare, Share and Learn from others

Licensing & Revenue

Licensing is complex, and so is figuring out the right revenue models

Learn from Experts

MVPs, Microsoft Leaders and your Peers share the path to ISV success

What is an ISV?

An Independent Software Vendor is an organization or individual who has created applications (I.P.) that run on top of, and are dependent upon, platforms owned and controlled by others. In the Microsoft landscape this would include Microsoft Common Data Service, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics 365, the Power Platform, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint and others. Many ISVs are part of Microsoft’s ISV Connect Program.

ISV Success Interview Series

Steve Mordue, MVP and Founder of ISV Connect ED, interviews the most successful ISVs to get the “back story” on how they got there.

Ed Grant, CFO and Co-Founder of Solgari, goes deep on how they cracked Co-Sell in ISV Connect.

Trevor Nimegeers, Managing Director of ITrak 365, talks about their success with AppSource in ISV Connect.

E.J. Tague, VP Global ISV & Alliances at WalkMe, chats about their success so far with ISV Connect and the future.

The ISV Connect ED Community

Connecting you with the ISV Brain Trust

  • Member Forum with topics relevant to ISVs
  • Resource Library of links for ISVs
  • Instant Polls on various Hot Topics
  • Video Interviews with Successful ISVs
  • Live Monthly Microsoft Teams Meetings.
  • Directory of Microsoft ISV Contacts
  • No Vendors trying to sell stuff!

ISV Connect ED Membership

ISV Connect ED is free to qualifying people.

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ISV Connect ED

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