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Here are some common questions about ISV Connect ED

Who can be a Member of ISV Connect ED?

ISV Connect ED is intended to be a place where ISVs can compare ideas and share issues that are highly relevant to them. For that reason, only existing or aspiring ISVs are accepted for membership. We do not want vendors selling services to our members, nor Microsoft employees or end customers peeking over our shoulders.

Are there any additional costs?

There is no cost for ISVs to participate.

Can I advertise on this site?

Since the intent is that the members are your peers, it does not seem make much sense to advertise to them. However, if you happen to be an ISV who offers solutions for other ISVs, we have a Marketplace channel in the Member Forum. We do not accept paid advertising.

Who created ISV Connect ED, and Why?

ISV Connect ED was created and is managed by Steve Mordue, a 5-time Microsoft MVP and ISV. Microsoft’s ISV landscape, including ISV Connect and AppSource, has been continuously evolving. While some ISVs have found success, many others struggle. ISV Connect ED‘s goal is to be a community of Microsoft ISVs, sharing knowledge for the success of all ISVs.